1.54C – Dice Peeks, Nightfall Pts. I & II

Dice Punks
1.54C – Dice Peeks, Nightfall Pts. I & II

Welcome to the after-show, patrons and all other listeners alike! To celebrate the end of our first full campaign, we’re putting the finale episodes’ Dice Peeks in the main feed — we hope you enjoy it!

It does start off punchy, and keeps going punchy, but we hope you’ll enjoy the weird energy, and the peek behind the scenes — and if you do, look forward to our next regular episode, which is a full-campaign retrospective!

And hey, thank you to our patrons, who have supported us with actual dollars, allowing us to buy recording & editing software, audio equipment, and TTRPG books & systems, including our next big adventure, Hard Wired Island!

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