Punk Grimoire

Because the Dice Punks playcast focuses on lesser-known systems, we wanted to create a space for those systems–and their creators–to shine. Below are the creations that have inspired and delighted us, along with information on where to find these tomes should they delight you, too.

Nightfall: Campaign One

Nightfall uses a combination of Greg Stolze’s REIGN system (1st edition) and Jenna Katerin Moran’s NOBILIS system (2nd edition) and takes place in an original setting called Mieleth.

“Nobilis is a diceless RPG wherein each character has control over an elemental aspect of reality. They are drawn or forced into the struggle between Creation and the Not.”
REIGN expands the frontiers of fantasy gaming by elevating the action to an international stage. REIGN’s simple but complete rules model the triumphs and disasters of societies as small as a village or as large as a realm-spanning religion.”


Dice Punks began with a one-shot in a system actually called DICEPUNK, specifically Psionics. Psionics is a modern day psychopunk roleplaying game featuring teenagers with attitude…and superpowers.

“In Psionics, you play as Espers, troubled youths whose enormous psychic powers are about to violently awaken. As you grow into your power, push back, hard, against parents, teachers, peers, and the system that has pushed you around and held you down.”
“The DicePunk System is a fast-paced, ‘rules light’ RPG designed by and for people who grew up on, eat, sleep, breathe, and speak movies. The DicePunk System spins cinematic stories that take place more or less in the real world and more or less in the present day. “

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