Meet the Punks

The Dice Punks are a small, passion-fueled group of friends that record these episodes together in our free time. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, different states, and different professions, we are unified in our friendship and love of tabletop.

The Dice Punks first came together when Adam, a GM with decades of experience, encouraged his friends to digitally gather for a Quarantine Campaign during the pandemic of 2020. What began as an effort to lure his friends into hanging out with him shortly thereafter became the full-fledged playcast that you know and love.

The Hollyhock God, Played by Adam

The Dice Punks’ resident Game Master, Hollyhock God, Dungeon Master, Storyteller, world-organizer-in-chief!

Adam is a swamp-dwelling educator and arch-nerd who has been on a constant prowl for tabletop roleplaying opportunities since his introduction to the hobby in the late 1990s. As he usually met with little success, ensnaring some of his favorite people in the ongoing obligation of making a podcast is something of a coup for him, as well as being a little emblematic of what his players can expect from his campaigns.

Duke of Nothing, Played by Drew

Dask Týr is an autodidact and would-be polymath. He comes from some kind of important family or other, though he doesn’t talk about it much (unless you ask) and he doesn’t seem to be in touch with them (unless he needs to be). He wears a wide variety of fashionable or formerly fashionable clothing, none of it matching. His abundant hair and beard are banded skillfully but not quite neatly, always threatening to burst into an ungovernable stormcloud. Recently he became the Duke of Nothing, which has to be some kind of mistake, he thinks.

Drew is a writer, quasi-academic, professional software know-abouter, musician, and rescue dog otaku, currently tinkering away at art-things and cooking elaborate meals somewhere in the woods of Rhode Island.

Duchess of Fury, Played by Robin

Lyssa is a mountain of a woman. Though imposing in height and build, Lyssa’s easy-going, bright demeanor quickly disarms the impact of her stature. Much of her body is tattooed with the onyx coils of a massive two-headed snake. The serpent head on her hand is slit-eyed and triangular in shape, the other on the side of her head colubrid and docile. Quick to welcome all as kin or kith, Lyssa has a significant soft spot for misfits. She’s also something of a flirt. Reader, would you be interested in getting a drink later?

Robin is an educator, conservationist, house-plant hoarder, artist, and bibliophile perpetually on the verge of becoming a plant-controlling supervillain. Her career as an Appalachian cryptid seems to be on the up and up.

Prophet of Mot, Played by Des

Ramnet isn’t polite, although people act like he is.  He isn’t truthful, although he would claim to be.  He isn’t notable, but people remember him after he has gone.  Ramnet is the unwitting prophet and leader of the Orthodox Church of Mot.  When he isn’t spreading the literal fear of his god, he’s an incredible (incorrigible) flirt.  Speaking of Mot telling Ramnet things, people apparently pay him for prophesying.  He’d do that anyway, because he *must*, but it’s nice to be paid.  People need to know that Mot’s dread attention turns toward this world, and they need to appease him.

Des is an attorney, writer, and gamer who lives as much on the internet as off it.  He has been playing RPGs for over twenty years, starting with a LotR-inspired D&D game his boarding school Latin teacher GMed.  He is currently involved in approximately three and a half campaigns, which is perhaps too many for non-plague times, and none of his current characters have been convinced that they are fictitious (yet).  He lives with his cat, Farious, who is an honorary manifestation of Mot in the darkness.

Lady of Art, Played by Joanne

Punk, Artist, and Co-conspirator for the punks. Embroideress and artist of all things cute and spooky and then some! Making art to make herself and others happy.

Find more of her work @anythingsews on twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok!