1.09 – An Awkward Request – Nightfall

Dice Punks
Dice Punks
1.09 – An Awkward Request – Nightfall

Nightfall continues! In this episode, our alarmed demigods seek help for their friends and themselves, around the corner and across the country!

Check out REIGN and Nobilis!

  • Drew’s new album, “When This Ends,” can be heard on his Carpe Demon Bandcamp page!
  • Apologies for the audio quality dip — there was a rush to get this one out… We also had some lag, and… well, eventually, around episode 20 or so, the audio situation should be notably improved!
  • As the poet said… “Mercyside” by Tristania

“Theme of the Dice Punks” and its acoustic version by Drew Messinger-Michaels.

Art by Joanne Spotswood.

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