1.18 – New Friends & Dear Friends – Nightfall

Dice Punks
Dice Punks
1.18 – New Friends & Dear Friends – Nightfall

Nightfall continues! In this episode, Lyssa tries date-based diplomacy, Dask tries to manage the relationships he continually complicates, and Ramnet is very, very patient.

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  • As the intro will elaborate on, the audio in this one is pretty rough — though as smooth as Adam could get it. Start with a tired voice and some mild illness, throw in a mic problem or two, season with a dash of corrupted data, then try and even it all out in post, and voila! This episode! We hope it sounds okay, and that it won’t happen again…
  • In this episode’s Dice Peeks (available on our Patreon!!), we coin a bit of a sub-motto for Dice Punks: “What subtext?”
  • As the poet said… “The Sun and Moon” by mewithoutyou.

“Theme of the Dice Punks” and its acoustic version by Drew Messinger-Michaels.

Art by Joanne Spotswood.

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