1.11 – Warm Welcome – Nightfall

Dice Punks
Dice Punks
1.11 – Warm Welcome – Nightfall

Nightfall continues! In this episode, our extracontinental expeditionaries encounter their first locals, and begin to travel uncharted (by Taraxans, at least) territory!

Check out REIGN and Nobilis!

  • Drew’s new album, “When This Ends,” can be heard on his Carpe Demon Bandcamp page!
  • Des, alas, will not be in this episode or the several following, as Ramnet was not present on the voyage, but never fear! He will rejoin our episodes once the action returns from abroad!
  • There were occasional (I suspect dog-related) “bonking” noises on one track this time, that sadly had to remain in the episode — hopefully they are blessed sounds in your ears, and not an annoyance or a distraction!
  • According to a few places I’ve looked online, best-case scenario under ideal conditions, one could maybe see the peaks of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the U.S. from as far away as 150 miles — about the location of Yuma, CO.
  • We humorously quoted from “Ironic,” by Alanis Morisette, at one point in this episode.
  • As the poet said… “Skraelings,” by Leaves’ Eyes

“Theme of the Dice Punks” and its acoustic version by Drew Messinger-Michaels.

Art by Joanne Spotswood.

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