1.30 – Dark Agronomy – Nightfall

Dice Punks
Dice Punks
1.30 – Dark Agronomy – Nightfall

Our Nobilis learn about one another, meet a merchant, and discover more about what’s actually going on in the Vales… and maybe how they can fix it!

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  • As the poet said… “Wondrous World of Punt” by Therion.
  • Bloodstones, specifically in circles, are a part of the world of the excellent Welcome to Night Vale, though of course the naming here is nothing more than an amusing coincidence.
  • This is, as far as we can reckon, the first episode in which Lyssa’s Lucky Advantage has actually paid off! Huzzah!
  • Lyssa made a reference with “Rage, rage against the [coming] of the light!” The original line was penned by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

“Theme of the Dice Punks” and its acoustic version by Drew Messinger-Michaels.

Art by Joanne Spotswood.

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